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Huge industry economy wise, content wise. Most countries make very good GDP from this sector. Example South Korea makes 3%of its GDP from the band BTS alone. Nigeria makes 1.4% of GDP  from it’s movie sector.

Entertainment majorly consists of movies, songs,

Documentary, short cinemas reality shows,talk shows,Etc. It also helps grow industry such as make-up, hairstyle, and all backstage such as art directors,dubbing, distributors, concert staff and other auxiliaries very important for smooth working of the industry.

These industries not just provide entertainment and diversion from daily life. They have been influencing society’s customs, beliefs, practices, innovations, mostly the entire thought process. People do want bodies like the actress.We want our stories to be like there’s. That what sell for public. It influences our Christmas or deepavali. They have a certain kind of soft power over the public. Many governments and businessmen use such Power to sway the public to their ideas. The celebrities hold certain call over public.

With the growth of Netflix and Amazon online channels there has been a revolution in the industry people watching movies online anytime. There are countless shows and series to begin with. But still people love to watch a few cinema at the cinecomplex. In group of friends this forms a big opinion on us i have heard!!

Some facts about the movie industry

  • France is the birthplace of cinemas.
  • Hollywood is the world’s oldest national cinema industry.
  • China has the biggest market for cinemas beating North America as of 2020.
  • Indian cinema is the largest national cinema industry in terms of the number of cinemas produced,1,813 feature cinemas produced annually as of 2018.
  • Nigeria is the third largest cinema industry after the US at first and Indian at second.

(Called Nollywood)

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