Election – how much do we know about them.

It’s where a group of free willing people collect their opinion mostly to select a government system. Election takes place in democratic style politics. Here we choose the legislative council and lower and upper house candidates. We also choose leaders of the union and federal system.

Here are some interesting and informative facts about elections- 

  • Psephology is the study of results and other statistics relating to elections.
  • Kids As Young As 16 Can Vote In Brazil.
  • Us had the lowest voting turnout compared to other democratic countries.
  • It’s compulsory to vote in Australia – if not citizens are fined a particular amount.
  • The more literate the population is, the more creative the candidates get.
  • In India elections can take weeks to get completed.

A system that runs the modern day king. A system that can give power to any common man.

Election was first introduced in the US 1788-89.

We know we don’t get such good options in elections as the utopia of great leaders. World has seen many people as leaders and innovative solutions in their lives to believe enough in this system.Elections are responsible for every citizen and power of each of us over who our ruler must be.Such a thing has never happened at this scale in human history ever.!!

So next time the election is there, see everywhere you’ll know what to do.

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