Let us know about the national security council. The Security Council bears the primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security.

  • It is designed to be UN’s only action agency and is often described as the enforcement wing of the UN.
  • The Security Council originally consisted of eleven members but expanded to fifteen in 1965. Security Council comprises of five permanent members namely, China, France, Russia, UK and USA and a 10 non-permanent memberss elected for a term of 2 years by a two-third majority of the General Assembly. Five non-permanent members retire every year. Retiring members cannot be re-elected immediately.
  • The permanent members have the power to VETO any move. If a permanent members abstains, it is not considered as VETO.
  • The presidency of security council is held in turn by the members of the security council in the English alphabetical order of thier names. Each president holds office for one calenderv month.
  • Decision on procedural as well as substantive matters are taken by an affirmative vote of 9 members. On substantive mattes involving action by member nation, all permanent members must vote in the affirmative. A single VETO can prevent the proposals from being accepted.

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