The biggest Lesson to learn from Netflix’s most watched show Squid game

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The megahit South Korean tv show named “Squid Game” has become Netflix’s number 1 most watched series and has even surpassed the previously most watched series “Bridgerton”. In the Squid game series, the players in the game were either financially indebted or were extremely poor and they each were given a chance to alter their lives completely by playing 6 childhood games where if they manage to win can win upto 40 million dollars. But they all didn’t know that losing in the game meant death. Nonethless, the players were ready to risk it anyway and gradually as the game progressed and they kept on playing, they became more self centered, violent and immoral. However, in the end the protagonist wins the game and along with it the enormous amount of money which basically turned him from rags to riches since he was in debt and couldn’t even offer child support to his only daughter after divorce from his wife. However, we get to see in the end that although his financial troubles were erased, he lost his way in life. He forgot to speak and smile and became a tragic soul, even more tragic than when he was drowning in his problems. It was at this point that another man tells him – “Do you know that someone who doesn’t have any money has in common with someone with to much money?…Living is no fun for either of them.” This right here is the biggest lesson in squid game! “Money is only the cost of living and not te ultimate prize.” It is alright if we have set some financial goals in life but those goals should not be the only reason for our existence. We must look deeper into life and find it’s true essence. Squid game is not far from reality since in the name of chasing wealth, some of us do horrible deeds! We betray our loved ones, we neglect our family and relationships , sometimes we even cheat innocent ones just to be RICH. And when we are done being rich, we may have gotten all the money we wanted but at the cost of our time, energy and sometimes even at the cost of our relationships with our dear ones. But then, perhaps it will all be too late for us to realise that what we were busy trying to achieve was simply not the point of being alive, just like main character of the show ultimately realises in the end.

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