It is a matter of common knowledge that a stone that has been lying long in one place exposed to rain and sun, gathers moss, while a rolling stone gathers no moss. In the same way whoever works with steadiness and perseverance in one place is likely to gather experience and prosper, while one who is getting easily discontented often moves from one place to another or changes his occupation, stands to lose, and proves a failure in life. In the first place, he loses the friends, good name, and influence he gained and deprives himself of the benefits of service and experience he put in; in the second place, he finds it an uphill task to establish himself half so well in a new place or in the new employment.

Befuddled & at the same time haphazard.

The maximum lays emphasis on the benefits of steadiness, patience, and perseverance; it must not however be supposed that it entirely forbids change of place or calling under all circumstances. When one is sure that a change will be advantageous, it is worth effecting the change. There are instances to show that such changes enable men to make their fortune.

Once a wise man said

Life is full of uncertainties but that doesn’t mean one should get carried away by those challenges. Patience is an important characteristic especially in an era like the present and an individual must know how to all square themselves while being in a difficult situation.

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