Self-image and personality are two inseparable parts. Actually self is about the impression that we pose on others about ourselves. It is the central dominating and influencing component of one’s personality. Self-image is the concrete conscious awareness of our own self concerning all phases of one’s life, i.e., personal, social, intellectual, mental, and spiritual phases.

Our personality directly or indirectly depends on our acceptance of our image. If we accept and love ourselves, then we will possess a warm and pleasing personality, resulting in adjusting and being able to survive in society. Bernard Shaw once observes, “keep yourself clean and bright for you are the window through which you see the world.”

Because Self-acceptance is IMPORTANT

Society, the people around us, the people with us all impose their identity, feelings, emotions, and mentality into our individuality which may prove beneficial or fatal for our personality. A well-balanced self-image is one of the essentials of a well-balanced personality.

We all are different, we all are unique and that uniqueness of ours makes us beautiful and perfect incorporated with imperfections. We need to accept ourselves more than we focus on others’ validation.

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