Though it is considered as one of the superficial components of one’s personality, yet it is one of the major components. The impression one has when one looks at others makes a long-lasting impression. For the people try to look at us and through us. Each person is supposed to appear according to his position and status in society.

There is a particular code of measure even for dressing depending on the place, occasion, position, and status. Some people try to show off more than what they are or what they should be. People don’t consider them possessors of a good personality, instead, they criticize them.

Be what you’re.

A principal of a school and the peon working in the same institution have different kinds of clothes appropriate for their place and status. But even then both can possess a good personality in their own way, style, and standard of life. Personality does not progress in becoming like others or limiting others, but it grows n trying to be what we are and to project the best in whatever position we are.

Make a statement wherever you go

Why do people like to select a particular type of outfit for interviews, marriages, parties, etc.? It is only because these are the prime extrinsic factors that judge our personality. You should be how you’re supposed to be, neither more than required nor less than it. It is necessary to carry ourselves nicely. It is not only about looks but appearance includes the whole of personality.

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