One of the goals of counseling is to help the student to discover themselves, to look into their own inner private world, and to collect information about themself, to have a realistic knowledge about everything related to them. In this way, the student will revise his distortions and alter his behavior in a positive direction. With correct and concrete information about their real self, they will be able to solve their own problems. Thus the process of counseling should lead the individual on the path of Self-Knowledge, self-realization, and self-help.

Self-knowledge: most important sort of knowledge

Acquiring knowledge about everything is important no doubt, but the most critical one is having knowledge about inner-self. Without knowing about own weaknesses and strengths it is almost impossible for any individual to work on themself. The institutions and people concerned educating students and young minds should focus more on educating people to study introspect what is there in their own self including their interests, disinterests, weaknesses, strengths, principles, etc.

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