We may consider ourselves to be well-established persons but there are moments when we get shaken up physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. The feelings of insecurity make us lose our self-control. Certain bodily weaknesses crop up and disturb us intensively. Sometimes we become over-conscious and over-influenced by our emotions and may sink into utter confusion.

But joust looks into a tiny machine like a computer. It has its set innate purpose. It has to perform only the desired function, nothing more, nothing less. And if it finds any information extra or lacking it gives a signal and the programmer cannot proceed further unless and until it clarifies the error or lack of information by searching its path. In the same way after identifying one’s own self, one needs to set goals and priorities that are befitting to them. Then one should be able to set and control the ‘self’ and success will be ours.

Self-control is the very elixir of human self and character building. A man without self-control is like a ship without a rudder that cannot resist the waves of the current and keeps floating when the wind blows. He does not have any control over his thoughts, ideas, and decision. Thus having self-control is important otherwise life at every single moment will be challenging.

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