Is offline mode of learning relatively better than online learning?

Now that schools and colleges are limping back to offline mode after long perturbation of Covid 19 pandemic, a question may strike whether offline mode of learning is really better when compared to online learning process. However,  both forms of education have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of online education:
1) It is flexible. All you need is a device with internet connection and can attend your classes from anywhere across the world.
2) Class recordings are available for later reference.
3) It is budget friendly and saves the cost of transportation , lodging and other necesseties that one has to pay whilst physically attending classes.

Advantages of offline learning:
1) Face to face student and teacher interaction helps in better understanding as teacher can give full attention to students, address their issues and solve them.
2) No distractions whilst studying since there are no other modes of entertainment where students might focus on whilst stidying.

Disadvantages of online learning:
1) Students might induldge in other activities such as surfing net, visiting social media platforms etc whilst attending classes which in turn will hamper their learning process.
2) Another disadvantage is technical glitches. Internet connectivity issues might arise during online classes thus disrupting smooth learning.

Disadvantages of offline learning:
1) No recording is available for students for later references.
2) Time management becomes an issue for students living faraway.

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  1. Nice article yet you did not touch on the social and mental aspects of face to face learning which from my son in high school was one of the reasons many did not like on-line learning within his peer group.

    An other factor is not all kids have the same advantage due to economic realities and primarily those kids who live in poverty. Despite schools providing laptops and local business providing dongles for internet connections a lot of these kids either went backwards in their education or simply dropped out to not return.

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