Education can be defined in so many ways as it is more than just seeking knowledge about any particular subject is it from textbooks or real-time lessons. Education is a way of helping a man to grow his full stature. It enables him to realize his nature both mentally and spiritually. Alphabets can, therefore, be considered the most momentous invention in the ascent of man. The use of words enables man to master time by preserving for the posterity the best that is seen, experienced, or done. Human .knowledge refined by successive generations has upgraded technology which has altered the very essence of life. The birth of civilization was conceived in the making of the alphabet.

The knowledge of the alphabet is the first step in the education of man and is central to the whole concept of elementary education. There is an inextricable link between education and progress. Education enables people to acquire greater control over their destiny. Farmers in India, who ushered in the Green Revolution, could do so only after they learned about the high yield of hybrid varieties of wheat and pest-resistant varieties of rice. Education also equips people to benefit from the social-economic and physical infrastructure whether they have to avail of credit facilities from the banks or to use telephone or telegraph for their business transactions.

Perhaps, the greatest use of education and knowledge has been made in the field of health and nutrition. Until recently, millions of people died every year in tropical and sub-tropical countries of the globe of diarrhea. However, when they were educated that the simple solution of water sugar and salt can save people from this fatal disease, the mortality rate substantially declined. The use of iodized salt has arrested the incidence of goiter throughout the world. The aim of education is to develop in man the characteristics of human beings.

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