The land that worships Living Goddessess!

Nepal , also known as The Land of Mount Everest, one can find living goddessess called kumaris. Young girls as young as 3 year olds are worshipped as real life goddessess. These goddesses are not deemed as mortal beings by the people and they lead a very unique life. They can’t talk to anyone except their families, can only eat certain kind of food and are allowed to wear only red. They have to stay inside the Kumari Temple until the end of their reign and can only go outside 13 times a year. Their feet cannot touch the ground, so they are carried all the time. Everyday, the kumari is worshipped by hundreds of people who adorn her with gifts. For hundreds of years, the Nepalese believed that  Kumari is the reincarnation of Hindu goddess  Durga. However, not anyone can become a Kumari. These girls are volunteered by their parents to a special kind of audition where the priest chooses who the next Kumari will be. The girl has to have 32 characteristics of physical perfection. Some of them are flawless skin, black eyes, black hair, high forehead, thighs like those of a deer and many, many more. The child cannot have a scar or wound on her body. After this, the girl has to go through a very unique test where she is put in a room with 108 buffalo heads covered in a pool of blood and with men wearing masks and dancing around. If the girl gets scared or cries , immediately she is disqualified from being a kumari. However, if she doesn’t show any signs of fear, it only means that she has just proved her valour and has become a goddess. She can remain a goddess as long as she doesn’t hit puberty. The moment she gets her first period, the girl is no longer seen as a goddess but she returns back to being a mortal. Many people feel that this tradition is strange and goes against human rights of young girls. Many Nepalese have even protested but it is a tradition that the Nepalese have believed for over hundreds of years and it is a tradition where it gives them an opportunity to interact with a goddess and till this day, it is practised in Nepal.