The Modern Technology and Humanity

Since the art of making fire and creating handicraft tools, our civilization has come a long way. Science ad technology is making advances at an amazing rate. Technology has transformed our way of life by providing us all the means of comfort and luxuries. The faster vehicles for travel and facilities for global communication are also the result of technological advancement. It is beyond doubt that technology has made our life hassle-free and comfortable to an unimaginable level.

Technology has altered the physical side of man by providing him with lots of free time to do some services to society. But at present man has become like a machine, without feelings and emotions. They have become very professional fulfilling their duties efficiently. They are satisfied with their achievements and growth and are least bothered about the people who are not lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of life.

Man is not bothered about the problems, the issues which are prevalent in the society causing harm to the public at large. Every individual must work for the upliftment of the society by helping and cooperating in their specialized fields. Society will gain only when there is proper coordination between technology and humanity because the human touch is a must no matter how advanced technology is.

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