“ Creativity is Intelligence having fun.” 

This quotation is indeed suitable for people who think to begin a career as a blogger. Firstly let us understand what exactly blogging is. A blog is an online journal or an informational website displaying information in reverse chronological order. It is a platform where writers or group of writers share their views on a particular subject. It was first started in the year 1994 when people used to share bits of their lives online and hence it became a great market of ‘Blogging’. Nowadays, there is also a new form of blogging called ‘Vlog’, which certainly means a ‘Video Blog’. Now, it is largely used by companies to promote their website and products. The main purpose of blogging is to reach the targeted audience. The more frequent your blog posts are, the more are the chances for the growth of your website. 

Now, here comes the question regarding the earnings of a blogger. So, let me tell you that bloggers do earn money but it is not that easy process that will make you rich overnight. It requires a lot of planning with patience and skills that catch the eye of the reader. 

A career in blogging demands a lot of patience as it is not to accomplish a feat within too short a time. Let me introduce you to the most famous blog. “ ” was founded by Leo Babauta and quickly became one of the most popular motivational blogs in the world. The blog covers topics like motivation, inspiration, finding happiness in the little things, being productive, and practicing mindfulness. A blog does not succeed overnight. It requires consistency towards your skills such as reading and gaining knowledge, learning new things and working on the ability to convert your beliefs and thoughts into words. If you become consistent and good at your work then with time you will start receiving offers from various companies which will kick start your career. 

Below is the list of the top ten highest-earning bloggers :

1. HuffPost$500 million per year

2. Engadget$47.5 million per year

3. Moz$44.9 million per year

4. PerezHilton$41.3 million per year

5. Copyblogger$33.1 million per year

6. Mashable$30 million per year

7. TechCrunch$22.5 million per year

8. Envato Tuts+$10 million per year

9. Smashing Magazine$5.2 million per year

10. Gizmodo$4.8 million per year

These blogs have not become successful overnight. It took great efforts and compromises from them to be at this level today. Indeed, blogging can change lives. A person who belongs to a middle-class family, where not many amenities are provided because of financial issues, develops an interest in content writing and finds out that he/she is good at it. One can make a career in this field as it is emerging nowadays. People who used to blog are now calling themselves influencers which is the same thing. They promote brands, put their thoughts into them and earn a great amount of money for their creativity which is also fun for them. 

Blogs not only change the lives of people who write or create them. It also changes the lives of people who read and follow them. Bloggers try to connect with the audience for their attention. The audience feels the connection between them and therefore tries to follow their words which creates a great impact on their lives. That is why content writers should also keep in their mind to bring out positive thoughts because there are millions of people whose lives are impacted.

In the end, I would quote that, “It’s not the life you are creating, it’s the lives you are impacting”