Covid-19 and Online Classes

Along with the spread of the novel Corona virus, India opted for lockdown to stop the transmission of the virus. Lives with this virus in the present scenario has resulted in the indefinite closure of schools, colleges and other educational institutions. Thanks to the modern technology everyone opted for online classes via different platforms amid this lockdown.

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  1. Firstly it provides opportunity of study to the students of the remote areas who earlier couldn’t contact the teachers due to transport barriers.
  2. Students don’t need to travel, so it saves a lot of time.
  3. Students can attend the classes as well as enjoy the comfort of being at home.


  1. Many poor students don’t have access to smartphones and internet connection.
  2. Students may develop eye related problems if the screen time exceed the average limit.
  3. Students may become lethargic during classes and exams which will surely have a great negative impact in their future.


Online classes are surely a great initiative amid this lockdown but students really need to be cautious regarding their studies and future and be very attentive in the classes. We all realize it is difficult for both the students as well as the teachers to adapt this new technology of spreading knowledge but we will have to use it in the best possible way to secure the future generations.

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