Development has been a topic of discussion and debate since several decades. It has a very deep meaning. When we talk about development of a particular thing, we should know it’s roots first. We need to understand 3 aspects of that object:-

  1. First existence:- where or how it came into existence?
  2. How it evolved with the passage of time? 
  3. It’s current stage.

These are the three aspects that determines rate of development. 

Development at personal level:-

Self development and analysis plays a cruicial role in personality development. It means evolution of our understanding and knowledge. When we were kids, we were dumber and easily manipulated. But as of now, we know what’s for our well being and what’s not. This growth is defined as development. There’s an ethical side of development too. For instance, if someone act rudely unnecessarily, we should confront them straight in the most decent way possible rather than abusing them, no matter what, we should not be unnecessarily cruel to anyone. This understanding can be a part of development as well. 

Development as a whole:-

The term national development is very comprehensive. It includes all aspects of the life of an individual and the nation.It is holistic in approach. It is a process of reconstruction and development in various dimensions of a nation and development of individuals. It includes full-growth and expansion of our industries, agriculture, education, social, religious and cultural institutions. Moreover, national development implies development of a nation as a whole. It can be best defined as the all-round and balanced development of different aspects and facets of the nation viz. political, economic, social, cultural, scientific and material. 

John Vaizey, noted economist defines:

“National development is the total effect of all citizen forces and addition to the stock of physical, human resources, knowledge and skill.”

Broadly, development of the nation encapsulates such parameters as:

(i) Development through a planned national economy

(ii) Increase in agricultural production through application of modern technical 

(iii) Harnessing industrial production

(iv) Development of human resource

(v) Application of science and technology in production sector

(vi) Provision of mass education and

(vi) Provision of various facilities to meet the needs and aspirations of disadvantaged, deprived and poorest of the poor segments of population.

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