6 Useful Tips Before You Buying A New Router In 2021

In the modern day where internet connectivity is more than a need, Router plays and important and essential role in making life easy and simple.


A router is basically a networking who’s work is to forwards data packets between computer networks. It is a small box that lets all of your wired and wireless devices use internet connection at once and also allows them to talk to another without having to do so over the internet. The router is connected to 2 or more data lines from different IP network. Routers works is to perform traffic directing functions on the Internet.


Apart from the pandemic also it has been an unpredictable year with a lot of sudden boom in education, in work and in the whole world. The world now revolves around internet. There isn’t a second in a day that goes without internet, starting from E-learning, work from home, business meeting, online shopping, grocery shopping to chilling via Netflix, YouTube and much more. Therefore a well equipped router with a good connection is mandatory. Here are 6 tips that one should keep in mind before buying a router as the world is already heavily dependent on internet.


Routers varies in price range starting from rupees 700 to even rupees 83,000 and above. It is necessary for a router to last long without being damaged. So it is always a good option to buy router that is a little bit expensive so that it would be well equipped and also last for a long time. The person who is going to invest in a router should be aware of the price range well in advance so as to avoid fraud and to make it worth the price.


Area coverage plays a crucial and important role in buying routers. More the coverage , better the signal. Choose a correct location to install the router for best results . Also it is good to have information about the type of the network. Letters at the end tells us a lot about the network. Letters ‘ac’ at the end indicate that the network is fastest whereas letter ‘b’ at the end indicate that the network is slowest. While installing check the USB port, check for damages if any and most important is to check the antenna. Apart from these ensure if the wires are not entangles, check the room is dust free, and make sure the router is clean so as to avoid network issues. Also select a dual band to have a broad and better coverage.


People always end up buying routers with a much slower speed so as to save money and get disappointed with the result. So one important thing to keep an eye on is the speed of the router. Speed of about 50Mbps to 100Mbps would be pretty good for homes with 3 to 4 people. 2000Mbps is the fastest of any major residential internet provider. The Nighthawk AX12 is one of the fastest Wi-Fi routers present in the market. Incase you have Alexa or smart TV then you would require both good bandwidth as well as good coverage. So buy your router accordingly.


While buying a router make sure you have the freedom to change and set the password of your own and also you have the complete control over your system as it is very important for security reasons. As we all know safety stands first , make sure your network is not easy to hack. If your router is secure then you can totally be stress free.


Know what’s the best before buying anything. One of the best router in the market is mesh WIFI. Mesh WIFI is directed to be a whole home WIFI system. It provides un interrupted internet connection and also a plus point is that is it modern than other routers. Also it is easy to set up and it is uncomplicated which makes lives easier. The best thing about this mesh WIFI is that it is connected to your devices through an app and if any issues arises it will address the issues as quickly as possible unlike the normal routers in which one has to call the service provided for help which sometimes go unanswered and takes forever to solve the issue. WIFI 6 is another such router.


However a router has several features but at the end of the day it is a man made thing and it will eventually wear out. Just think about how much the router is been used everyday so it will affect the router after a period of time. The current lifespan of a router is about 5 years which is approximately 20,000 hours after which it needs to be upgraded for it to have best features and performance. If it shows problems like internet dis connectivity, taking longer time to download and poor signal then its high time to change and upgrade a new router. Ensure that you confirm the lifespan of the router before purchasing.

With all the tips one can easily purchase and set up a router leaving behind all the hassle. As already mentioned earlier router is a mad made device so it cannot be 100 percent perfect but with all these tips and tricks one can for sure be able to get an ideal router.

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