Reality shows have now become the latest end. Their initial popularity with the masses, helped in the number of such shows produced today. Reality shows take the form of various competitions and challenges where celebrities or the common man participate. There is or essentially no script involved and the interest of the show lies inherently in the personality of the audiences and the tasks. Many of these competitions are judged by eminent personalities within the field. There was a need for a change in the television industry from the onslaught of the various soaps that were telecasted.

However, the question that emerges today is…how real are these reality shows? May critics believe that there isn’t even a modicum of reality in any of these shows. They are often scripted and only aim at high TRP’s. The shows have a planned course and the masses are simply captivated. Though they provide raw drama and an undisputable display of anger, love, guilt and jealousy, these are often tactics used to keep the audiences fastened rather than a genuine display of emotion. There are many others, who are loyal supporters of reality shows and believe that they have indeed provided a platform for the common man to exhibit his talent and gain success. Various dance and singing reality shows as well as quiz shows for children and adults provide them with a means through which provide, they can showcase their talent and intelligence Through these shows they often gain various opportunities to prove their courage. But sadly, one cannot deny that the USP of many of these shows is emotion and melodrama and as a result the purpose of the show is often side-lined. The recent crop of reality shows have come up with themes that tends to belittle important social institutions. In spite of the fact that it has its own pros and cons various channels and producers are misusing the originality of these shows by introducing new themes and shows to keep the masses entertained. Some of the most popular Indian reality shows include ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’, ‘Big Boss’ and ‘Indian Idol’. Many movie icons are also willingly accepting the task of anchoring these shows so as to connect with people and exploit the scope of T.V as a medium of maintaining one’s popularity.

However, there is a need to ensure that this genre does not deteriorate like the previous trends. The shows must always be well researched and fresh in its approach rather than look at reality T.V as a formula and launching shows that have little creativity and uniqueness.

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