Digital India initiative

Digital India initiative is one the key initiative launched by government of India on 1st July 2015. The initiative is counted among one of the most prestigious project just like made in India, Swach Bharat Abhiyaan etc. it consist of some major objective towards the development of better services and infrastructure in terms of digital modernisation of the country.
It comes under the ministry of Electronics and information and ministry of finance, officially launched by Prime minister of India Shree Narendra Modi. it has 3 main area of focus which includes:
• The utility of Digital infrastructure for the citizens of India
Improvement of digital infrastructure so that the citizens can utilise the services of internet.
• Internet and other services requirement
There are areas where people still do not have access to basic internet services, and additionally providing all the advance services to the population of the country.
• Digital empowerment
It refers to overall empowerment that will occur when the digital structure strengthens in the country.
The initiative serves multiple purpose, starting from improving the basic facilities to introducing modern technology at various level.

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