Why Indians ignore global issues like climate change

Climate change is a change in the climate or environment of  the planet . it is not a natural process ,but an outcome of human activities and interference with nature. Climate change is not an issue of today or yesterday. It’s been started for a very long time. Transformation or variation in nature has been started in nature since the age of industrialization. climate change is the biggest threat for humanity .It is making our earth inhabitable. . Human civilization was developing at the cost of nature. And after that we all have followed their footprints for getting luxurious lifestyle, comfort, easiness .

development is required , but should not be done at the cost of nature.

Climate change is most worriment issue of today’s world. but the point is whether all countries are equally serious about it. Solemnity about this global issue varies from country to country , because economical condition of countries, lifestyle of their people, education level, women’s condition in countries are not same . That is why it is obvious to have difference in their awareness and  actions. the more people will aware the more they will take action. Awareness relies  on the economical, political and educational level of the country . climate change is such a issue that is difficult to understand .the  . having knowledge is worthless if proper actions are not being made and implemented. All the countries are accountable for this global issue ,however  their contribution is  unlike . the hazardous impact of climate change will not be as per of countries contribution . the whole planet is affected by this.

Climate change increase flood risk. The global average surface temperature has increased 2 degree since the pre – industrial era . Every upcoming year is becoming warmest year ,breaking the record of previous years.  incidents of wild fires have become more apparent of become more apparent ,extinction of wild species ,demolition of ozone layer ,shrinking glaciers , increasing sea level and intensity of tornados, avalanches , new epidemics , water ,air ,soil pollution and heat waves . it more likely to face adverse effect in forthcoming days.

India is the 4th largest emitter of greenhouse gas after china , united state  and EU . For country like india , it   is not possible to pay more attention on this global issue , when they have major issue like corruption , poverty, population, unemployment, education system, basic sanitation, healthcare system, women’s safety, infrastructure, agriculture distress etc. The germanwatch institute presented the result of the global climate risk index 2020.India is also in the top 10 countries. India’s climate risk index is 18.17 and is the major victim of extreme heat ,flood and sand storm among other divesting natural events . Global disasters are making headlines everyday .for instance California wildfire ,Uttarakhand wildfires, Australian bushfires, tycoon and floods etc. Human civilization has put itself in a great hazard by its activities.

India is a developing country and is not responsible much for it as compared to other countries. Two third of people  in india are  living in poverty,: they lack a basic need. Middle class aim to have decent well paid job, hope to own a house of their own, seek to have a secure retirement  and want to secure the  healthcare and  educational need of their family. Affluent section are  busy in their luxurious life. In India citizens are tackling with more sever issue such as food security ,shelter, employment ,lack of good education and politics is concern with other things .

 In Indian politics climate change is not a major issue. Indian politics revolves more around religion , faith, party system ,temple, cast etc. Good education makes people aware and it leads the country toward new innovations  and breakthroughs ,which will ultimately help us in fight with climate change .In agriculture  sector we need new crop seed  with climate resilient feature because our land will have to face more flood ,droughts and extreme heat. We need new innovation in renewable energy sector ,people will only switch their  energy source when they find renewable energy source as cheap as traditional one. Although many major automobile companies have launched electric vehicle ,electric cycle but they are so expensive that middle class can’t  afford to buy. Research and development in this sector will help them to reduce the price while improving its  functionality .one main thing we need to ensure  that  these electric vehicles must use renewable energy for their charging.

People’s participation is crucial in any anti climate action plan proposed by government .There is lot of examples  of individual endeavours  such as Greta Thunburg, Devaki Amma from Kerela state of India who alone grew a forest and Anupam  Mishra know for the conservation of rivers and water sources. So everyone has a place in fight with climate change .

Lack of coordination  at  both national  and international level. countries have made many agreements , protocols, pacts and organization to combat the climate issue like IPCC ,UNFCC,RIO SUMMIT ,PARIS PACT,MONTIAL PROTOCOL ,COP SUMMIT but we can clearly see the lack of seriousness in world politics. Their words are more than action. Like all developing countries, India’s concern about economic development and poverty alleviation is justified. And must be fully respected in any global climate regime, As virtually stated  explicitely in the UNFCCC  (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).

At world level, the largest polluter or carbon emmitor –US walked out  of the global agreement. However , later US  rejoin the paris agreement United state has produced  6.6 billion matric tons of carbon dioxide in 2019,the second largest emitter in the world after china. india is  the third largest emitter of greenhouse  gases.   For  the first time The Paris Agreement has  brought  together entire countries with a common goal of limiting   global warming to below 2 degree Celsius .  To attain this long  term temperature goal, countries motive to reach global peaking of greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible  to achieve a climate neutral world by mid century.

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