Importance of Exersice and meditation


All of us want a healthy and happy life. but how to get it? Regular exercise for the body and meditation for the mind are mood boosters. It is very helpful for a happy life. and all of us want it. let’s start with exercise,

Physical exercise means the exercise of our limbs. this exercise is essential for a good personality and healthy life. To enjoy every moment of life and make our mind happy our health is important. because mind and body are complementary to each other. A healthy mind grows only in a healthy body. so it is said that HEALTH IS WEALTH.


Exercise is of different kinds. walking, swimming, rowing, riding, and playing games also. the asanas and yoga are also good for youngsters. walking is the simple and the best form of exercise. it is good for old and diseased people. Exercise helps us to digest our food and the blood to circulate. A man who takes regular exercise enjoys good health. Good health keeps a man cheerful. Cheerfulness is necessary for the proper concentration of mind. morning and evening time is best for exercise.

Meditation is used to develop an awareness of the present moment. It is done to sharpen focus and attention, connect to the body and develop acceptance of difficult emotions and even alter consciousness. It has a number of physical and psychological benefits like stress reduction and improved immunity. It is a habitual process. It is to increase awareness of yourself and your surrounding. Meditation develops a positive mood, discipline yourself, healthy sleep patterns,s and promotes good emotional health.

physical exercise is essential for a healthy body while meditation strengthens our mind. so regularly 30 min exercise gives healthy and happy life. It’s the secret. A beggar with good health is happier and luckier than a king with poor health.

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