IPL 2021 Dates: 14th edition of IPL to be played from 9th April to 30th May
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The Indian Premier League, also known as IPL was started in the date 9th April 2021. At the same time the corona virus also took the strength back slowly. The Indian Premier League Governing Council (IPL GC) and Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had an emergency meeting has unanimously decided to postpone IPL 2021 season, with immediate effect. The corona virus is spreading all over the world but in India it is high so they took this decision. It was spreading in India in a heavy speed within that IPL has finished 29 matches. There were many effects in this corona virus because many are affected and died in this time they are keeping some things raised, and also many players also affected by virus. Then this corona virus took speed before this IPL match they also kept election for 5 states. They must not keep election during this pandemic that to this virus will spread in air knowing all the election was held. There were no rules followed said by Government no one cared about it so the level has risen. The people are affected so much and some have died there is no place to bury. To sought out this problem they declared lock down because of this many daily wage people and smallest working to all the working men and women are affected. To help the people who are working for less wages and those who don’t have food government is giving rupees 2000 to support the family. The people survive with this amount as per the full lock down death rate and affected people rate is low but necessary things rate is high. Every people cannot buy all things needed to recover from this state it at least takes few months because all should earn. This IPL match give all people a relaxation because all are disturbed in each and every all need is relaxation. All people in India will watch this game interestingly as a family. In a stadium with people it is the wish of all of the people. It will be a great stress buster and all people can enjoy this match. All people after their terrible trouble of life now the virus speed is slow but the researchers found that there is another type of virus which speed is heavier than this beta and delta. Even though no one is caring about the virus all are thinking it will come to them because they are stronger. We cannot judge anything we may think we are stronger and we have immunity an all because some people are having immunity but are affected. In India they have stopped playing cricket matches because some players are affected by corona virus. So the council, sponcers etc had a meeting. In that meeting they discussed where and when the rest of the matches should be held. As per the decision the rest of the matches are going to happen from September month all people are so excited. All are excitingly waiting when will the match will took place within that time this corona pandemic situation also will reduce.


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