Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is regularly and commonly used. and it is part of each and every industry.
It is the field of study. it has the ability of a computer or a robot controlled by a computer to do tasks that are usually done by humans because they require human intelligence and discrimination.
The most important technologies creating artificial intelligence are machine learning and natural language processing(NLP). On daily basis, we are using such a technique. here are some example

1) Facial detection= When we use a virtual filter (Snapchat) our face is detected by mobile phones and the filter is activated. This facial detection is also used as a password for mobiles. here it acts as a security.
2)Autocorrector= Artificial intelligence is deep learning in machine learning. so during type, if there are mistakes it is corrected automatically. there are some apps also available in the market. some times it also checks and corrected grammatical mistakes.
3)Search = We regularly search for something on mobile phones or on any electrical computer device. The data we get after searching is analyzed and stored. it is also a deep machine learning process. by this you can watch anything or order what you want
4)Social Media= Using social media Artificial intelligence support monitoring content, suggest a connection, and also shows relevant advertisement. social media is working on analyzing with deep learning.
5)E- payments= There are everyday transactions is done for such little transactions going to the bank is very complicated. the E payment solves this problem. working in Artificial intelligence. Algorithms in artificial intelligence are done various transactions, deposits, transfer money, etc.
6)Education = various daily learning is in animation. and this animation is also deep learning and analysis procedure. so education is easy now and also easy to understand for students.

thus each and every industry and field is using Artificial intelligence. and it is easy to use. it did deep learning, lots of analysis and give result which is to study about latest progress.

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