Pollution-The Evil that walks the Earth

Pollution changes a medium such as air, water, or soil in a way that can make it harmful to people or nature. Different types of pollutants include chemicals, dust, noise, and radiation. The word pollution comes from the Latin ‘polluere’ that simply means contamination. Hence, in layman terms, pollution is something that contaminates the environment. The presence of harmful substances in the air, land, and water, which can harm living beings and the environment is pollution. Referring to harmful gases, fluid, or other pernicious matter that are released or introduced in the natural environment.

Pollution and its causes

Inhaling poisonous air is as hazardous as smoking. It is not only the humans who are affected by this polluted environment but also the animals. Air is filled with highly toxic gases. These dangerous gases in the environment are released by the power industries that burn fossil fuels, industries that dispose of waste in the water, farmers using pesticides, high usage of artificial lights and loud sounds, etc. Each of these leads to the generation of the life-threatening cause – pollution.
Any use of natural resources at a rate higher than nature’s capacity to restore itself can result in pollution of air, water, and land. Other than human activities, there are a few periodic natural cycles that also result in the release of dangerous stuff. Natural activities other than human ones like volcanic eruptions and dust wildfires, etc also result in the creation of pollution.

Globalization is another major cause of pollution. Globalization has become an effective facilitator of environmental degradation.

Types of pollution

Pollution can be categorized as follows-

•  Air Pollution: It is the contamination of the natural air by mixing it with different pollutants such as harmful fumes and chemicals. This type of contamination can be caused by burning material or by gases emitted by vehicles or harmful fumes emitted as a by-product of industries. Global warming is one of the biggest side effects of air pollution as per the experts.

• Water Pollution: It is the contamination of the water on the planet Earth. It includes water contamination by pollutants such as bacterial, chemical, and particulate that reduces the purity of the water. Oil seepage, as well as littering, is one of the most common forms of pollution. It mainly occurs in lakes, oceans, rivers, and even underground reservoirs. 

•  Soil Pollution: It is also known as land pollution. It is the contamination of the soil or the land that prevents the growth of natural life. It includes land usage for irrigation, wildlife as well as habitation. The very common causes of soil pollution include hazardous wastage, mining as well as littering, non-sustainable farming practice, seepage into the soil, etc.  

• Noise Pollution: It is the loud noises that are fashioned by human activities that disturb the standard of living in the affected area. It can shoot from things such as railroads, traffic, loud music, concerts, airplanes, fireworks, etc. This can even result in permanent or temporary loss of hearing as well as disturbances to wildlife.

• Radioactive Pollution:- This is one of the most dangerous forms of pollution. It is enormously harmful and can even result in death. Radioactive pollution results in the pollution of the air and land with radioactive poisoning. Leakages or accidents at nuclear power plants, as well as from improper disposal of nuclear waste are also reasons for this pollution. This pollution results in birth defects, cancer, deteriorating health, and even death.

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