Make in India is a campaign launched by the PM, Narendra Modi, which facilitates all the big business investors worldwide who want to do business in India. This program was launched in 2014 on the 25th of September by the PM at the Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi. It is a big step taken by the government of India to reduce the level of unemployment faced by the youths of the country. This campaign was launched a day after the Mars mission when PM was to go on his first visit to the USA as prime minister of India.

The aim of launching this campaign in India is to make India a world-level manufacturing powerhouse which will definitely help in solving the biggest issue of the Indian economy. This initiative was launched with new deals for foreign investors successfully in New Delhi with the top industrialists of India including Mukesh Ambani (Reliance Industries chairman), Azim Premji (Wipro chairman), etc. This initiative further aims at creating a favorable environment for investment, modern infrastructure, opening up new sectors for foreign investment, and establishing a partnership between government and industry through a broader outlook. 

The symbol of this initiative is a giant lion having many wheels. This indicates peaceful progress and way to the vibrant future of the country. A giant walking lion with many wheels represents courage, strength, tenacity, and wisdom.

Guidelines and Policy for Make in India

The government laid new Guidelines to start the mission successfully. The main objective of the Guidelines was to sanction the projects that are approved by state governments. Some Guidelines are like:

  1. Reduce paperwork required for establishing companies.
  2. Minimize the time required for government approvals.
  3. Abolish the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from the project cost. 

Policies have been made for convenient transfer of funds while switching jobs anywhere in the country. A cell was dedicated to responding to the queries for business entities through a web portal. 

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