Skin is the largest organ of body. It covers all body suface area. Skin is made up of water, protein,fats, mineral etc. Skin protect body from germs and regulates body temparature. Skin also has sensitivity. Skin has 7 layers- stratum corneum, stratum lucidum, stratum granulosum, stratum spinosum,stratum basale, dermis,hypodermis etc. Skin contain sebaceous and sweat glands.

Our skin continuously comes in contact with environment. Environment has lots of dust,mist and dirt. So care of skin is most important. Let’s have some tips for healthy skin.

1.Protect skin from sun rays- Early morning sunlight is healthy for skin. But the rays from 10am to 4pm are harmful to avoid harmful rays. Use mild sunscreen to protect skin. And when going to outside wear protective clothing.

2.Treat skin gently- treat your skin gently and softly. Daily cleansing is important.bath with warm water not hot. Shave skin carefully with direction of hair not against. Gently tap skin to remove water so that some moisture stay in skin. Apply moisturizer if skin is dry.use soft cotton cloth. Avoid strong soaps use mild soaps and facewash.

3.Eat healthy diet- For the naturally glowing skin diet is most important because it provide internally nutrient. In diet there should be all type of food. Such as fruit, vegetables, grains and protein. The diet rich in fish oil and it’s supplements is good for skin because it gives vitamins. Less intake of unhealthy fats. Drinking plenty of water is the tool for fresh skin. Hydrated skin is healthy.

4.Manage stress- stress is most harmful to body and also to any organ. For fresh mind complete sleep is important. Daily exercise contribute little bit to glowing skin. But to manage stress meditation is important. If our mind is free then skin automatically glows.

Exercise for face

5.Facepack- It is essential for external nutrient of skin. Generally use home-based or homemade facepack. So it will not harm to skin as generally suitable to all skin types. The use of turmeric gives little bit skin lightening and it act as anti-inflammatory so used in acnes. Rose water act as tonar. Milk is the natural cleanser while honey is for long lasting glow.

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