International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition 2022

What is IAAC?

The International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition is a global competition for science and astronomy enthusiasts.

Online Submission: The competition uses the possibilities of the modern world to allow all students to participate regardless of nation, region, school, or affiliation. Every student may participate independently – there is no affiliation of your school or teacher to IAAC required to participate in this competition.

Research Problems: The pre-final round includes two research problem types. They require participants to get in touch with real scientific research papers and learn about recent scientific results to solve the problems. They encourage students for more advanced science and give them insights into actual research material.

Teacher Support and Online Tools: We supply teachers and schools with additional materials and an online teacher interface that allows teachers to make better use of IAAC problems in class. We also generate performance reports for each individual student.

Information for Teachers and Schools

Teachers and schools are invited to share this opportunity with their students to make talented students in particular benefit from IAAC. There are also special school awards.

Process and Rounds

1. Qualification Round : 5 Problems: Knowledge, Calculation, Research, Free

2. Pre-Final Round : 3x Basic, 3x Advanced, 2x Research Problems, 4 Days, 8 EUR Registration Costs

3. Final Round :  Final Exam with 20 Multiple-Choice Questions, 60 Seconds/Question, Teacher Supervision 

 Note: The Qualification round is free. The 8EUR Registration cost covers both the Pre-final and Final round. DIgital participation certificates are awarded for all rounds.

Who can participate?

You have to be at least 10 years old and you have to be a student (this includes high school, college, and university). There are two age categories:

  Junior: under 18 years on 13. May 2022.

  Youth: over 18 years on 13. May 2022

Students from both categories will receive the same problems in all rounds, however, students that are youths (18 years or older) will have to reach more points to qualify for the next round (e.g. to qualify for the pre-final round, students that are under 18 years have to reach 15 points and students that are over 18 years have to reach 20 points). 

If you are a science enthusiast and love astronomy this competition is the way to go!

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