Summer is the one of the season from 3 seasons. Summer is actually very hectic season.beacause we suffer from lots of problems. The hair problem,skin,makeup problem as well. In summer our lots of time goes outside to home because it is a vacation season. We come in contact with sun continuously. And these give us lots of problems. Due to picnic and kids vacation we spend time in outside or doing new things such as tracking, visiting hill station etc. The day in summer is also long. To enjoy summer vacation without any problem.so here are some tips for your happy summer.

1. Eat healthy and light- diet in summer is light to metabolism. Eat in frequent mannar. Take the antioxidant fruit such as blackberry and blueberry so toxic materials remove and get a less tanned skin. Eat fruits which contains lots of water such as watermelon, coconut etc. Sometimes eat cold things such as mint which gives cooling sensation.

2. Protect eyes- The harsh sunlight harm our eyes so to protect eyes from harsh sunlight use eyeglasses.which protect eyes from sunlight.

3. Wear cotton cloth- It is to avoid sweating. In summer sweating is large problem. Use of cotton cloth give free air to body so bad odour from body also avoided.

4. Stay hydrated- due to sweating body is fastly dehydrate to overcome that drink plenty of water. Daily drink atleast 2.5 liter water. Fullfill your need of water.

To enjoy your summer holidays take care of bodys need. Avoid caffeine because it has heat content. Less intake of salt and sugar. Reduce intake of fats. Sleep well and take nutritional supplements. Enjoy your summer happily.

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