PCOD: You have to know

PCOD is Polycystic Ovarian Disease or it also called as PCOS that is Polycystic Ovarian syndrome. It is the condition where hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with the small cyst on the outer edges. It occurs mainly in childbearing age that is between 12-45yrs. In India 9-22% women suffering from PCOD. And World wide is generally 3-4%.

The symptoms are irregular menstrual cycle,excess hair growth,acne, obesity etc. This is at earlier stage further it affect other body systems also. This women has difficulty in getting pregnant due to irregular or delayed ovulation. If this condition remain untreated has complications like diabetes, obesity,heart disease and high cholesterol as well. PCOD also has risk of miscarriage.

The multidisciplinary treatment is approach for PCOD. In treatment combination of birth control pills are given. It contains progestin and estrogen with correct the hormone imbalance. Progestin therapy is also given in treatment. Apart from treatment self care is very much important. The patient should avoid extra fats and carbohydrates. In her diet should content spinach, leafy vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower and natural food. The diet is rich with nuts and legumes. With diet exercise is key of good health. High intensity workout should done , mind and body exercises are essential as well. Here are some asanas which help to cure from PCOD.

Titali asana
Baddha konasana

there is no fix cause of PCOD. Not perfect treatment is available so self care is the main way to get rid from lot’s of diseases.

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