Nana Dharmadhikari: Indian spiritual Guru

The name of Nana Dharmadhikari is Dr. Narayan Vishnu Dharmadhikari. He born in Raigad in 1 March 1922. Nana is the social reformer. He initiated a free social service of spiritual literature from Revdanda , Raigad district, Maharashtra. He has million followers across the world.

Since childhood he read and studied Shrimat Dasbodh (simply called as Dasbodh). After a several years he started social reform by speech (called Nirupan). He founded an organisation named shree samarth prasadik Aadhyatmik seva samiti. Through this he spent his entire life for spreading the philosophy of Saint Samarth Ramdas. Samarth Ramdas is writers of devotional book Dasbodh, Manache Shlok and Atmaram. Nana gives Nirupan on Dasbodh. He also started this reform for children called Balbhakti Margadarshan. Nana also done lots of social work on cleaning area and tree plantation as well.

Nana Dharmadhikari got an National Integration Award by seroc India in 1999. The doctor of literature in 2004. And Maharashtra Bhushan Award in 2008. Today such service called parmarth is present in several Nations such as UAE, London, Singapore, Australia, Nigeria, Iran and so on.

Nana receiving award

Nana Dharmadhikari died on 8 July 2008 in Pune, Maharashtra. He spent his all life for social reform by spiritual literature. Nana helps in solving the people issue through correct guidance,he also resolved superstitions in society and literate people through his speech.

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