Time Management

Time management is the act of planning and managing time that is spent on various activities. It helps to
increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the time utilized. It helps us to work smarter instead of harder
and also enables us to get more work done in less amount of time. Planning time may seem like a waste
of time in itself, however, the benefits of time management are enormous. It results in less stress, Increased
productivity, efficiency, professional and personal growth, etc,. Time is limited and hence, it is important that we plan our time wisely and make the best use of the limited
hours in a day. Time is something that we cannot store or save for later use. We cannot retrieve the time
that has been wasted; hence, we need to learn to use it effectively. If we have to manage time effectively,
we need to be organized and focused.
With the help of time management techniques, we can accomplish more with lesser efforts. Time
management includes effective planning of activities, setting of goals, setting deadlines, delegating work,
prioritizing our activities etc.
Most people feel that they always have too much to do and within too little time. Managing time wisely will
help to find the right balance between time and work. A few people resort to multitasking in order to get
the work done within the specified time limit. At times, this may result in poor performance in the various
tasks assigned
The major mistake committed while working is when one is in a rush to meet the deadline without taking
proper breaks for rest or relaxation. It is impossible for anyone to focus on work and to produce good results
without considering any break in between. It helps to perform better if one takes five minutes to break every
two hours of work. One can either take a walk, enjoy a cup of coffee or simply meditate. Proper time
management is the cornerstone of a successful life and ensures the achievement of one’s goals in a healthy

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