An Analysis of National Safe Motherhood Day

Credit: Eduwar


The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood is an alliance of organizations working together to increase awareness, build partnerships and act as a stimulus for action to decrease maternal mortality significantly. It was launched in India by the Centre for Development and Population Activities in 1999 and with a coalition of 1800 organizations, in 2003, it requested the Government of India to declare April 11th, Kasturba Gandhi’s birth anniversary, as National Safe Motherhood Day. India is the world’s first country to have officially declared a National Safe Motherhood Day.

Theme for 2022

Every year a nationwide advocacy theme is selected for Safe Motherhood Day, and activities and full-scale campaigns are carried out throughout the country to increase awareness of proper healthcare and maternity facilities for pregnant and lactating mothers. Also, the members, state associations, and non-profit organizations come together on National Safe Motherhood Day to share technical skills, expertise, and resources. This year’s theme is “Remain at home in the face of the Coronavirus; protect mother and child.”

Why this day is Celebrated?

India is the main country to have formally proclaimed a day committed to well-being and security, all things considered. Every year, WRAI individuals select a cross country topic for “Safe Motherhood Day.” They do crusades all across the country. The objective of these missions is to increment mindfulness that each lady has an option to live and endure pregnancy and labor.

Initiatives taken by Indian Government

In 2003, at the request of the WRAI, the Indian government designated April 11 (the anniversary of Kasturba Gandhi’s birth) as “National Safe Motherhood Day” (a coalition of 1,800 organizations). India is the world’s first country to establish a “National Safe Motherhood Day.” Every year, WRAI members choose a national publicity theme for “Safe Motherhood Day,” and WRAI members conduct activities and large-scale campaigns across the country. These annual campaigns, which are launched on “National Safe Motherhood Day,” aim to raise awareness that every woman has the right to survive and recover from pregnancy and childbirth. The White Ribbon Alliance of India was established in 1999.

Safe Motherhood Program

The aim of the National Safe Motherhood Program is to reduce morbidity and mortality rates of pregnant and lactating mothers and neonates and to improve their health through preventive strategies and activities related to health promotion as well as by addressing avoidable causative factors that can lead to death during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period. Nutritious snacks, such as vegetables, fruits, egg, yoghurt, cheese, pulses, sprouts, soya and milk products, along with proper hydration are ideal for a pregnant woman.

Significance of Motherhood Day

Our mothers are the only reason we were able to see the light of day and grow up to be strong people. Their numerous sacrifices, dedication, hard work, and blessings enable us to progress in life. Motherhood is one of the most special and important stages in a woman’s life, and she requires the greatest amount of care and affection during this time. Thus, National Safe Motherhood Day is observed in India on April 11 to raise awareness about motherhood and its importance. The entire period of pregnancy and delivery is critical and must be handled with extreme caution. Because of our government’s efforts, I can say with great pride and accomplishment that Madhya Pradesh has seen a significant decrease in Maternal Mortality Rate over the years.


Janani Express Ambulance has made it simple and quick to get to the hospital. Similarly, schemes such as Janani Suraksha Yojana, Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan, Mamta Abhiyan, and others have been launched to provide pregnant women with all necessary care and health facilities. The government is working around the clock to improve mothers’ health and hygiene. Motherhood, on the other hand, necessitates more than just medical and health advantages. As a result, it is critical to pay attention to her mental health and meet all of her needs. On this National Safe Motherhood Day, I humbly ask that everyone prioritize motherhood and pay special attention to pregnant and lactating women. In the absence of healthy mothers, we cannot envision a beautiful future.