Life Wanna Rich – Trilok Kumar

This is the first english poem written by him

Heyyy heyy… Life wanna  rich,
but i m not rich  , but I gonna tech
do you want a leach….
same same, here here, there there, were were

if there is a will there is a way… it may it may!!
like a day it gonna bright your way…
If I gonna say it may it may!!
I know how to say… it gonna change your way!!

O God what to say if upsc is dream then there is a way….
I must now to say , if u gonna say it is beneficial for your day….!!!!!
It prevent u from decay…..

Heyy Heyy still u wanna learn it gives u fun….
whatever u have done.
Like a sun your enemy gonnna 🔥burn !!
still u didn’t see your way it may spoil your way…

Now focus on your aim and say it may, it may….!!
At any stage study is the base..
Money give u fame and study is the same
And Google your name.. it will be on the top it’s your hope!!

Trilok Kumar

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