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Bard of Avon

I assume that only some can recognize the name “Bard of Avon” of the great poet, playwright, actor “William Shakespeare”. The name “Bard of Avon” was given to him in recognition of his stature as great poet and the unofficial national poet of England. Many of us might have known […]

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The life of people between the two world wars

We all know that how the world wars made people life a tragedy during the period 1919-1939. People suffered by many factors that cant be described by words. More than the war the life after the war made an big impact in people who have seen them. After the beginning […]

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Business and their Objectives

Basically, business is any human activity undertaken on a daily basis in order to make money through production, distribution, purchase and sales of goods and services. Business activities are classified on the basis of size, ownership and function. Under the basis of size, business activities are divided into two categories. […]

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