Equipments °Air Dry Clay°A large leaf°Bowl°Rolling pin°Knife°Paint Instructions 1.Start with a fist sized lump of potters clay.  Review and complete wedging of the clay.2.Simply roll the clay into 1/4″ slabs using rolling pins and two guide sticks which help you get an even result.3.Place a large leaf over the clay- […]

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Comprehending CHESS through ‘Through the Looking Glass’

Chess was the most important indoor game of the nineteenth century in England. It enjoyed centuries-old privileged status. It was considered as a ‘rational recreation’. Chess, unlike any other game, deals more with logic and rationality rather than fun, as we know, Rationalism had taken over the Victorian era abundantly. […]

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|Ways of acquiring Mate|

How does one gets married? Normally people get married by publishing matrimonial ads in newspapers, online sites, or with the help of relatives who acts as mediators. This was about the modern industrial society, but the tribal society is unique, so their ways of getting married are also unique. Tribes […]

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