Poor living


Poverty! Poverty is lack of food, Poverty is lack of shelter, Poverty is being sick and can not afford medicines, Poverty is knowing how to read but can’t afford going […]

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At a tender age when children should study in schools, play with toys and enjoy their leisure, many of them are seen on roads seeking alms to make both ends meet due to selfish motives of some miscreants that make them beg under extreme conditions. Masked perpetrators of such deeds […]

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Population Explosion: The cause of poor living conditions of indians

The population of India is increasing at an alarming rate. India is not the country with the highest number of people. There are countries which has more number of people than India like Russia. But they are not overpopulated. Those countries have enough space to fit in the number of people. India has more people than the country could fit in. The number of people residing in per unit square of land in India is much higher than that of other countries. This makes India an over-crowded country.

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