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The Development of Periodic Table

  What is a Periodic Table ? Periodic Table is a tabular arrangement of elements, based on their electronic configurations, increasing atomic number and chemical proper Need of Periodic Table ? The periodic table is important because it is organized to provide a great deal of information about elements and […]

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Facial recognition technology and how its affecting us.

Many countries have used this extensively but none other than china, the leading brand for infringing people’s right. They use a project called “Skynet” to monitor nearly every person’s movement, which includes whom you meet, where you go and even track all your movement for the past week. What makes this technology even worse……..

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Department of Science & Technology (DST)

Department of Science & Technology (DST) was established in May 1971, with the objective of promoting new areas of Science & Technology and to play the role of a nodal department for organising, coordinating and promoting S&T activities in the country. The Department has major responsibilities for specific projects and […]

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