Month: June 2019

Robust Benchmarking of Indian Mutual Funds-A Partial Frontier Approach

Performance analysis of mutual funds is usually made on the basis of return-risk framework. Traditionally, excess return (over risk-free rate) to risk ratios were used for the purpose mutual fund evaluation. Subsequently, the application of non-parametric mathematical programming techniques in the context of performance evaluation facilitated multi-criteria decision making. However,the […]

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Monthly Patterns in Egyptian Stock Market

In this paper, monthly effect in Egyptian stock market is investigated for the period January 2007 to July 2015. After examining the random walk hypothesis of the return series, a Seasonal Autoregressive Moving Average (SARMA) model is specified to test the monthly effect in Egyptian Stock market. The results of […]

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Mobile Money – A Catalyst for Financial Inclusion in Developing Economies: A Case Study of Zimbabwe using FinScope Survey Data

Mobile money in Zimbabwe has extensively extended the frontiers of financial inclusion to reach millions who were earlier excluded within a relatively short space of time. The growing use of mobile phones in transferring money and making payments has significantly altered the countrys financial inclusion landscape as millions who had […]

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