Reading this post may make you blind

We’ve all made fun of Americans and their crazy law of torts. That’s why you have such gems such as “Contents Hot” on a coffee cup or a “Remove baby before folding” sticker on a pram. In that same vein is the recent move in California that may soon have the warning “Coffee Causes Cancer” in coffee shops !  Granted that the land of the free scores somewhere mid tier in the international rankings of IQ, but still …..
A news item about P&G and Tide laundry pods however made me pause. P&G has released an ad featuring  Rob Gronkowski, the New England Patriots’ star exhorting people not to eat Tide laundry pods ! WTF ? 
Apparently some teenagers have started a campaign called the ‘Tide Pod Challenge”. You are supposed to eat a Tide Pod and then post the video online. Reportedly some 40 cases of this nonsense have already happened in the first 15 days of 2018. It became serious enough for P&G to take note and issue the aforementioned ad exhorting people to wash clothes with their Tide laundry pod and not eat it. Without a doubt, their legal department opined that if they kept quiet, it was only a matter of time before they were slapped with a class action suit from a parent that the company was liable because they did nothing to prevent their children from eating the damned pod !
The purpose of this post is not to rail against the stupidity of on line antics. There is enough and more written on that. But where does personal responsibility end and where does company liability begin ? We seem to be living in a day and age where there is no personal responsibility whatsoever and its always someone else to blame. If its a rich juicy company, then great. Blame them and sue for a zillion dollars.  Is it the job of a company to monitor every nonsense that’s happening on social media and guard against them ?

I am taking no chances. I am a poor man and will be bankrupted if you sue me ! Please therefore take note that reading this post on a screen may be injurious to your eyes. Please also note that if you are sipping coffee at the same time it might spill and burn your thighs as it is hot !!

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