Day: March 21, 2020

Four Types of Bad Team Players

Being a good team player is an employability skill that nearly all employers require and it’s not hard to figure out why. Have you ever been part of a dysfunctional team? Perhaps you had to tackle a big cross-departmental project at work and your team spent the time aimlessly tackling […]

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How Important Are Customer Service Skills?

If you have a retail job or are have your heart set on a career in the hospitality and restaurant industry then you know customer service should be in your set of employability skills. But what if you’re not earning a hospitality management degree? Basic customer service training is still […]

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Health Care Reform: How Did We Get Here?

By Betty Rambur, R.N., Ph.D. Health care reform can be difficult to understand. But if you consider the history of health care coverage in the United States, it becomes easier to grasp how the current approach became unsustainable and why health care reform is necessary. There are three main approaches […]

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