Day: March 31, 2020


At a time when our digital and social lives play out in all kinds of new forms and platforms (and at all hours) I suppose no one should be surprised that the Twesume — yes, a 140-character attempt compacting a CV into a tweet — has arrived on the scene. What\’s a […]

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Accreditation: The Importance of Knowing the Facts

It is really important to understand what accreditation is if you are considering higher education. There are different types of accredited schools and by having knowledge of this and doing a bit of research on your potential school, you can ensure that you will be earning a legitimate degree. There […]

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How Electronic Health Records Enhance Patient Care

By Julie Jones I was born during the Generation X years when personal computers first came out. We had Atari growing up and learned on Apple computers before they became mainstream. In college, we had “instant messaging” but it was only between two college campuses. When I graduated nursing school […]

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