Textiles Ministry Sets up Emergency Control Room to Monitor Production and Supply of Medical Textiles

The Ministry of Textiles has set up an Emergency Control Room to monitor production and supply of medical textiles (N-95 mask, Body Coveralls and meltblown fabric) which are required in connection with Covid-19.



Emergency control office will work under the supervision of Shri. P K Kataria, Special Secretary (Mobile No. 9818149844). Following officers of the Textiles Ministry are part of the control room:

Sr. No. Name Designation Mobile No.
1 NiharRanjan Dash Joint Secretary 9910911396
2 H K Nanda Director 9437567873
3 Balram Kumar Director 9458911913
4 Pankaj Kumar Singh Dy. Secretary 9555758381
5 Padmapani Bora Dy. Secretary 9871070834

Following field level officers have also been appointed to take stock of the situation from ground level:

Sr. No. Name Designation Mobile No.
1 MolayChandanChakravarthy Textile Commissioner, Mumbai 8910267467
2 RanjitRanjanOkhandiar Member Secretary,

Central Silk Board, Bangalore

3 Ajit B Chavan Secretary, Textile Committee, Mumbai 9958457403

Anyone having any problem relating to supply of medical textiles (N-95 mask and Body Coveralls) may contact these officers.


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