Top 5 Jobs You Can Get with a Business Management Degree

If you are trying to find your place in the job market, business management jobs are a good place to look for opportunities. The umbrella of “Business Management” covers a broad spectrum of career opportunities which means there is bound to be one which suits your interests and needs. In order to help kindle your inspiration, here is a list of jobs and careers in business management which require an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in business administration. There is a little something for everyone.
Top Five Business Management Degree Jobs
The statistics for the following job titles are based on those provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics via their Occupational Outlook Handbook.
  1. Sales Manager. If you love sales, but are ready to take your job in a slightly different direction, a degree in business management will provide an exciting fork in the road. Business managers know how to set goals. They inspire their team to create a successful plan and then implement it. Sales management jobs are expected to increase by 12% and have top median salaries of as much as $98,000.
  2. Industrial Production manager. Have you been working in the same plant since high school? Do you watch your manager and think, “I have great management ideas that would work even better?” It’s time to get your online business administration degree and start dreaming. Industrial Production Managers will experience an increase in demand by about 9% over the next few years. Their median salary is almost three times the national average.
  3. Accounting Manager or Auditor. The accounting title can be misleading because many accounting managers and/or auditors have degrees in business administration with an emphasis in accounting. As a leader, both skills are imperative for financial departments to run efficiently, legally, and smoothly. By setting your sights on a management position with an accounting firm, payroll service, or other potential career settings, you can work full-time while completing your degree in business management. It’s that simple. Then you get to be the boss.
  4. Executive Assistant. A top level administrative assistant can make significantly more than his/her administrative assistant counterparts. Most of the time, an executive assistant will have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in business or business administration. S/he often has to be one step ahead of the boss and make critical decisions when the boss isn’t available. Job outlooks are predicted to increase by 12% and the median income for an executive assistant is $43,500.
  5. Administrative Services Manager. Once upon a time, office managers were able to rise through the ranks with little to no additional education. Nowadays, a degree is necessary, especially if you want to work in a larger company or corporation. You will need to be a jack-of-all-office-trades, as well as an effective manager. A business administration degree will provide a foundation of skill sets, business, accounting, software, and more, to make sure you can do your job effectively.
If you feel like you are at a stalemate in your professional life, business management degree jobs are the perfect way to rekindle your inner fire and allow you to move forward and upward. Apply today for an online business management degree program at Bryant & Stratton and watch your career dreams come true.

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