Classroom Management for the Quiet Ones

Every teacher struggles with the introverts, and how to use classroom management to engage them.
Today on, new contributing writer Jim Paterson, in an extremely well-researched piece published just today, looks at classroom management methodology for engaging those students who you feel might fall into that category – and whose performance may suffering.
Jim’s ideas include:
  • But understand they might need help
  • Provide help on their terms
  • And more!

James sums up his article like this, in a paragraph about encouragement: “Encourage them, respectfully. Jonathan Cheek a professor at Wellesley College and expert on shyness, says that we should, “Nudge but not push the quiet child toward broader social contacts, but through reward and not obligations.”
“They should understand that a certain level of social communication skill is necessary and useful for the many times in their future that they will want to or need to interact with other people.”
Privately offer them opportunities to lead or be more visible in ways they might like – possibly assisting a teacher with handing out papers or running errands or leading in a group of similarly quieter students. They may actually be good leaders given the authority and also may like to perform. (Pinto loved debate – and many famous actors and sports stars are introverts.)  

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