Teaching Strategies to Build Student Confidence

Some confident learners know how to speak their minds and, therefore, know how to get their point across.
But other students who aren’t as confident can feel isolated with their lack of self-confidence, and they might find themselves plagued by thoughts of academic insufficiency.
Today on TeachHUB.com, writer Janelle Cox informs us on different tactics we can use to help those students feel more confident and proud of themselves and their accomplishments.

Some strategies Janelle outlines:
  • Try not to correct every single thing the student says wrong.
  • Give students the opportunity to choose what they learn.
  • Encourage students to do better than they did before.

What do you do to help build your students’ self-confidence?
Classroom Activities to Honor Veterans Day
Many students are mystified as to the true meaning of Veterans Day. Indeed, many only recognize the day as being a holiday – they don’t acknowledge the sacrifice our American servicemen and servicewomen made nor the valor they displayed in combat.
Today we offer up a couple quick activities and websites teachers can use to pay respect to our soldiers. After all, on Veterans Day, all Americans should reflect on the service and sacrifice of our veterans. Their bravery, their resourcefulness, and their patriotism mark them as our nation’s finest citizens.
The Pros & Cons of Common Core State Standards
Designed to give educators in the U.S. a clear and consistent understanding of what students are expected the learn, the Common Core State Standards have instead stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy within academic circles nationwide.
Some states remain steadfastly in lockstep with the tenets the Common Core State Standards espouses, while others vigorously disagree with them. Indeed, many state educational jurisdictions are abandoning the Common Core State Standards.
Recently on TeachHUB.com, we took a glance at both sides of the Common Core debate, with two seasoned educators examining the for-and-against arguments that the standards have brought about

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