How to Motivate Students: Tips for Middle Schoolers

Learning how to motivate students is of paramount importance for educators today. A bored and listless class is a reflection of a dull teaching style, and a bored and listless class is one that doesn’t learn.
Today, Janelle Cox, a frequent contributing writer, takes a look at the things that motivate children, including technology, friends and peers, and interesting topics.
She outlines several ways to motivate junior high-aged children, including:
  • Giving students a choice
  • Showcasing student work
  • Rewarding Respect
  • And More

Above all, Janelle intones that showing a genuine interest in your students and their lives can go a long way toward creating an atmosphere of motivation.
How do you motivate your middle school students? Do you have any ideas that you would like to share?
Free Interactive Whiteboard Resources
Interactive whiteboard resources are another tremendous way that teachers can engage their classes. Although teachers can spend an inordinate amount of time designing their own whiteboard activities, very few of them are aware of the sheer amount of existing whiteboard resources available for FREE online today.
We compiled a big list of resources for teachers to use; check them out and save yourself some time!
What are your favorite online whiteboard resources?
Our In-Service Program Can Address Anti-Bullying Efforts
Did you know that TeachHUB’s in-service professional development program can include an anti-bullying focus?
During a TeachHUB in-service day, teachers will participate in various anti-bullying activities and learn strategies they can use to help prevent and intervene with bullying behavior and participate in modeled exercises to create self-awareness within a child.
Teachers will learn how other educators are encouraging anti-bullying behavior in and outside of the classroom across the country.
Why book an in-service day through professional educators can help you design original seminars to fit your school, district and teachers\’ needs.
  Established seminars can be brought to your school or district
  Wide variety of speakers and topics
  We work within your budget and schedule
  Superior customer service and accessibility
But our expertise isn’t limited to just anti-bullying seminars. We’re also prepared to address differentiated instruction strategies, tiered activities, inclusive education and more!

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