Video: Learning Retention for the Special Education Teacher

Check out this video that we recently published on TeachHUB magazine, always available for free, in which we outline ways that ways that the special education teacher can increase their students’ rates of learning retention.
Not surprisingly, learning retention doesn’t differ that much from student to student regardless of his or her academic acumen, but there are some unique ways that a special education teacher can insure that the lessons they administer won’t be forgotten after the test is over.
Today’s video outlines learning retention ideas for special education teachers to do just that.
Technology in the Classroom: The New Literacy
Educators today work in a unique academic atmosphere: New means of sharing information have meant that traditional notions of “literacy” are completely outdated. Indeed, some of today’s common buzzwords like “tweet,” “blog,” and “ISP” are entry-level terms that even elementary-aged kids understand.
Beyond vocabulary, skills that assist students in wading through the reams of information available to them 24/7 are essential for succeeding in the modern classroom.
Today, frequent contributor Jordan Catapano takes a look at the ways that traditional notions of literacy have gone by the wayside and have been supplanted by more tech-heavy skills in a think piece entitled, “The New Literacy.”
What do you think about the new literacy? How literate are you, and how do we pass this on to our students?
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