Humans are gradually developing themselves since the very beginning of the creation. They are continuously evolving. What is most important while evolving is to maintain the civilization, so that the society in which a person lives, does not get harmed or affected. Today, we have come a long way in terms of evolution but the question is, would we be able to protect the civilization?

Animal abuse by humans is not a new thing. Though cruelty to animals is a punishable offence, we, the so-called civilized humans cannot resist ourselves from tormenting those helpless and innocent creatures, just for mere entertainment. Our planet is blessed with diverse species, but because of the cruelties caused upon them some of the very beautiful species are on the verge of extinction. The humans have threatened their existence to such an extent that the Earth is no more a safe place for the animals to live. Being the strongest species in the entire eco system, humans are going beyond their limits to commit brutality on the pure and beautiful animals.

Recently, in a small village called Malappuram, in Kerala an extremely heinous crime was attempted by some of the villagers on a 15 years old pregnant elephant, who came into the village in search of food. The innocent elephant was fed a pineapple loaded with firecrackers by some of the villagers. The crackers exploded in her mouth causing severe injury to her tongue and jaws. To get some relief and to save her unborn child the elephant ran to a river nearby and stood in the water for a long time, but inspite of her brave attempts, she could not save herself and her child. These people do not deserve to be called civilized. How much regression is needed to commit such an atrocious crime to a guiltless, pure animal, is really not known. Since the humans have been thinking from a very long time now that they are the superior species amongst all, so, they can do anything they want and most of the times they even do not get punished for these mischievous acts. Being the superior creature, humans should be venerated for what facilities they have got. Instead, some of them are acting as demons by misusing those advantages and heading towards destruction.

Though it is not proved yet, if anyone deliberately fed the crackers stuffed pineapple to the pregnant elephant, they are still at fault. Even if the pineapple was lying on the road and the elephant ate it accidentally, how could anyone keep fruits stuffed with firecrackers on the roads knowing that animals can eat them? Human behavior will always remain an enigma. Elephants are the most expressive animals. There are conjectures that elephants’ mind react to humans the same way humans’ mind reacts to puppies. If the humans do not cause discomfort to them or torment them, they do not harm anyone. The innocent elephant trusted humankind and delightfully ate the food she got at the vicinity. As a result, she got deceived. Even in writhing pain, while running towards the river, she did not harm a single human. She knew the value of lives more than any human out there. May be because, she herself was creating a life inside her.

What happened with the innocent and voiceless elephant in Kerala, was really shameful as well as reprehensible. Yet the enlightened humans across the world are politicizing this incident and also quoting Kerala’s literacy rate since it has the highest literacy rate in India. What they have forgotten is literacy rate has nothing to do with animal maltreatment. Humanistic values do not come entirely from formal education. Humanity and literacy do not go in hand in hand. Many illiterate people may have more humanistic values than some highly educated people. More than being empathetic to the poor animal, some so-called educated people of our society are showing their hypocrisy by targeting and taunting Kerala for its highest literacy rate.

These incidents point out how we are evolving. From throwing stones or water to the stray dogs to feeding fruits loaded with explosives to a pregnant elephant, humans have shown how they have retained their civilization. May be, the animals have not evolved much, that is why corruption could not enter into their world. The speechless, innocent animals are already suffering a lot for the humans’ unending experiments and adventures. Our planet is as much theirs’ as ours’. Together we have to make the Earth a safe place for the animals to live on. Only then we will be able to evolve with the civilization in right means.