“Ushering Towards Better Reforms “

“Clean was our environment and so were our surroundings,animals were happy and strong were the bondings. In the race to change our selves, we changed everything around, with scarcity of resources, and humanity deeply drowned”. In todays era, where work culture is mostly preferred, and least preferences are given to people, their feelings,emotions and most importantly to the nature. With increasing pollution and leading scarcity of resources all around, human has destroyed the purest form of living standards and shifted to the artificial ones. Man is using all sorts of natural resources available around him for his own benefits and is harming our health as well as nature indeed. But the Awareness and concern has been seen since last few years and people are getting aware about the bad affects of these and how it’s utilization is harming our health and nature and how few terms like “Global warming” and “Climate change” have come up. Most of the countries are working on this issue and trying best resources to counter the effects of these.

But the main thought which comes into mind is that ” Do we humans really care for our nature and thus saving it’s resources from getting replenish” or there is some more in addition to it, which may include the “Thought of utilizing these resources in future,when the other alternatives are not more effective”. And will this shift towards more cleaner resources or sustainable resources prove to be more effective and efficient.

But the major concern for the same is that do we really care for these non-sustainable resources and want them to be with us forever. Possible thoughts could be :
1. That yes, we do care for the natural and non sustainable resources and we want their presence with us for a longer duration of time so as to maintain a proper balance in our environment.
2. Most of the countries are shifting towards cleaner energy. But if they have a thought of saving these for future reserve, it’s still better, as these will remain with us, till further usage.
3. But the truth is that most people hardly care about these natural and non-sustainable resources and believe in just working as it’s going on without any change, which surely needs to be changed.

But the question still arises is that why should we shift to sustainable energy as a source of energy and stop using these resources which we know are less and are harming our nature. This may include-
1. Quantity of these resources is endless
2. These are Ecofriendly.
3. These are more cost effective and require just installation charges.

We have these alternatives and know about these, then why are we still not shifting to these new methods and still using the old traditional ones. The main points include:
1. Technological deficiency.
2. Basic information on how these resources can be brought into physical form and bring out maximum output.
3. Lack of interest of people, as most of them hardly care and others are afraid to shift to new things.

Having a glance around our surroundings, we can easily acknowledge that we have made our life’s horrible and also destroyed or nature. The need to shift to natural and clean source of energy is the prior requirement at present as well future so as to live in a clean environment . Saving our nature through the act of finding alternatives to the energy as a source generation can be the change we want and thus make our planet “Greener” and “Cleaner”