Inner Voice- our constant companion

From an early age, we learn to talk to ourselves. That voice in our head which constantly answers, stops us from committing a mistake , encouraging and motivating us to keep moving forward, grabbing an opportunity. Each one of us is blessed with a best friend with whom we can share our thoughts and secrets , hangout with them and make the best of the memories. But what about our partner, our constant companion? Our Inner Voice or we can also call it as our gut feeling, intuition, inner conscious and the latest trendy name which I came across an ‘expert advice’. There is this trending caption going on these days on social media, “Yes I like to talk to myself sometimes , because it is important to take an expert advice”. So that is what I call my inner voice – my expert advise on which I can rely on most of the times.

What is Inner Concious?

One way to begin is by talking about self-consciousness which is equivalent to self-awareness. It refers to the awareness of unique thoughts, memories, feelings etc. It is your voice which always speaks the truth (more than your parents). For example, when we are about to commit a mistake our inner voice stops us from doing so, though we get angry or sad but our concious always give us a sign from doing anything wrong and trust me it never lies, you just need to trust yourself for that.

How should we listen to our inner voice and why do we ignore it?

Have you ever noticed that your Inner voice never speaks nice&comfortable things and it is never a desperate voice or angry, it is always calm, clear and precise which works as a saviour. Now there are sometimes when we don’t listen to our Inner voice and ignore it, so here are some ways to listen and focus on your intuition’s voice:

  1. Delete the extra apps and create space in your mind

Surfing on the internet, clicking and posting pictures, updating stories on Instagram, chatting with your friends, reading disturbing news articles or checking your mails never gives you the time to actually think about yourself. These social media things has taken up too much of space in our lives that we are not alone even being alone itself because we keep on checking our phones constantly. You need to undo this part from your everyday life and create a space for yourself so that your mind remains calm and works efficiently.

2. Always pay attention to your emotions

Whenever you feel sad accept that you are sad, do not pretend to be happy every time and you should also cry sometimes so that you can understand of what is going on in your life. But nowadays I am noticing that people are becoming emotionless, they really don’t focus on their mental health and they have become like a solid stone, always showing up as a strong person. But what about your feelings that are building up like a skyscraper inside your mind. You cannot flush them out at ones, it will turn into a disaster. So concentrate on your mental health , focus on what is happening and what can be done with it.

3. Don’t let your mind take over your heart

It’s good to be practical but not every time , sometimes we need to take decisions from our heart. If our conscious says that the other person is good, you should take a step forward and talk to that person if your heart says that he/she is the right person. Don’t start judging them before getting acquainted, do not take a decision from your mind.

4. Breath, Walk and meditate

It will just take 15 minutes to turn on a soft song, put on earplugs and meditate. This should be our everyday activity, since we all are at home we can do this more often. This will bring a positive energy in our lives and will help you to be calm and relaxed no matter in what situation we are, unless it is very important. Breathing will help us to be active and will always bring a smile on our face. You can also take this as a mantra which only requires 15 minutes and it is not difficult to give this much time to yourselves.

5. Listen to yourself and do not focus on what the others say

What a strange thing it is that we humans tend to listen what others are speaking and never focus of what we want. We always try to live according to the society and forget about ourselves, that is where we should stop and listen to ourself which will help us to become confident and courageous.

But we human beings are always busy in making money, ignoring everything of what are heart speaks.So from now we should begin to listen to our Inner voice because that is our innerself, the inner us, who knows us better than anyone else and not just hear them , ask for an expert advice. Obey it and become aware of it which will help you to become a better person.

“Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice”- Steve Jobs.

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